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By | November 18, 2010

Talking dirty to your partner before or during sex is a great turn on for many people.  It is an easy way to enhance the mood and also find “the other side” that some do not know their partners even have.  Keep in mind that talking dirty is not for everyone and some people may find it as a turn off rather then a turn on.  That does not mean if your sex partner is of the shy type that you should not bring dirty talk to your sex life, for all you know the shyness may fall to the side and the more kinky side will appear.

Surprise Dirty Talk

If you really want to surprise sex partner, during foreplay or sex ask them a naughty question and see how they respond to you.  Yes you could be taking a risk at getting laughed at, told no way, to shut up or possibly kill the mood all together.  Then again, if you do surprise your sex partner with a little dirty talk it could enhance the moment to a level neither of you have experienced together and make for some really great sex.

Talk Ahead Of Time

If you or your partner are curious to talking dirty to one another and do not like the surprise idea, have a conversation beforehand and see what they think.  Their is nothing wrong with talking ahead of time and you should not feel ashamed or s to do so with your sex partner.  Once you are on the topic and both of you show some interest in possibly talking dirty in bed with one another, you now have a path to follow.  That path can branch off into several avenues later on down the road and only you and your partner can determine which path to take on the road to talking dirty to one another.

Lay Down Some Rules

While talking with your partner, make sure you both lay down some common rules unless the both of you have no restrictions on what can be said.  However, most people that are new to talking dirty in bed will have some restrictions so have that understanding before you even start.  Agree to never laugh at one another no matter what is said, show the same love and respect during your dirty talk that you would if you had a conversation outside of having sex.  You may want to avoid calling her a slut, bitch, whore as she may take offense to the name calling even though you two are roll playing.

Practice To Yourself

If you and your partner have agreed to bring dirty talk to your sex life, practice saying things either out loud or in your head when you are alone.  Either in the car while driving, taking a shower, mowing the grass, washing the car or if you are saying them in your head you can practice that just about anywhere.  By practicing your dirt talk, you are giving yourself an advantage before stepping foot into the ring.  Know what you are going to say, in what tone of voice so you are not searching for words during the moment.

Start Slow

If talking dirty in bed is new for you or your partner, start out slowly and do not go straight for the real kinky stuff until later.  You do not want yourself or your partner to feel uncomfortable at all.  Starting out slow would be saying things like “I love the way your hands feel on my (insert word)” or “your fingers feel so good while touching my (insert word)”, “your lips are so warm and soft, please kiss me there again” are all things to say to start out slowly.  Remember, talking dirty in bed is suppose to be a great experience to help enhance your sex life, not make you or your partner feel belittled never wanting to do it again.

Try And Talk Both Ways

Not all women or men are into talking dirty as they feel uncomfortable in doing so, so never try and force it upon your partner to talk back.  If your partner does show signs of not being shy, then talking dirty both ways can lead to an interesting night of sex.  Try and have a question and answer session with each other, this is a great way to possibly learn new things about your partner and what they truly enjoy when having sex with you.  Ask them questions so you can get a response, things like “do you like it when I fuck you this way?” or “do you like me sucking on your cock?”.  The questions are just about endless depending on the boundaries that were setup by you and your partner.  Never be offended if they choose not to answer the question, ask it again if you think they did not hear you.

Dirt Talk That Gets Real Kinky

This definitely will not be for everyone, but if you make it this far in your dirty talk then the sky is almost the limit for you and your partner.  Some women and even men like to be dominated, called names and almost verbally abused during sex.  This can enhance the sexual experience for you if both are willing and enjoy taking dirty talk this far.  No need to go into great details on what you can say as I am sure you have an imagination of your own.

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