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By | January 11, 2011

Unlike the last post regarding the sex dice game that did not go into great detail, here I will fully explain and give you ideas to use on setting up and playing this game with your partner.  Remember this though, if either partner shows not interest in wanting to play a sex game, by all means do not pressure them into doing it as it can just ruin the experience all together.

What You Will Needsex dice game

  1. 2 Dice (6 sided)
  2. Paper
  3. Pencil/Pen
  4. Imagination
  5. You and your partner

How To Set It Up

Before you can start to play this game, you and your partner will want to come up with 3 sexual activities and 3 locations for the dice.  This way you both can share what excites you sexually and you may even learn something new about your partner.  So for the first die come up with 6 sexual activities that can be performed on your partner and write them down on the piece of paper along with a number 1-6.  They can be as light as you want or as hardcore as you both will go.  This example we will mix it up a little bit just to start.

  1. Back massage
  2. Kiss passionately for 30 seconds
  3. Handjob/Fingering
  4. Oral Sex
  5. Doggy Style (vaginal)
  6. Reverse Cowgirl (Anal)

Now on the second dice you need to come up with 6 locations that the activities will be performed at.

  1. Bedroom
  2. Couch
  3. Chair
  4. Outside Patio
  5. Pool/Jacuzzi
  6. Car

With the sexual activities and now the locations written down on your paper, choose will will go first.  When they role the first die, that will be the sexual act they perform on you.  When they role the second die, that will be the location where the activity will need to be performed.  So if you are nice and let the female role first and she roles a 6 then a 2, looks like she will be riding you reverse cowgirl on the couch anally.

Change It Up To Suit You

The above are just examples and you do not have to use them, by all means come up with your own activities and locations.  This game is meant to not only be fun, but add a little excitement to a possible dull sex life and maybe even learn some new things about yourself and your partner.  Be willing to try new things and never laugh at what your partner suggests.

Agree and Share

Make sure that both you and your partner agree on each of the activities and locations before playing and never get mad if one disagrees or refuses to do something.  The game is for fun, not to start an argument over something one of you are not willing to do.

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