How To Have Anal Sex – Preparation Guide

By | November 12, 2010

Anal sex is taboo to many and women are afraid to experience the pleasure it can bring to love making.  When done incorrectly or without any preparation, it can be an unpleasant feeling and why many women will never want to try anal sex again.  Hopefully with this guide we can show you how to have anal sex with proper preparation and enjoy mind blowing orgasms.

Never Over Clean

Some women will douche several times in anticipation of having anal sex with their partner.  In theory this may sound like a good idea, however it can actually cause more harm then do good.  By over cleaning your anal cavity, you run the risk of drying it out which can lead to a more painful experience.

Get Her To Relax

Having her fully relaxed before attempting anal sex is a must, you do not want her to be tense the entire time.  Have her lay on her stomach, give her a soothing back massage by rubbing her down with oil.  Work your way down to her thighs and back up to her shoulders.  This should put her in not only a relaxing mood, but horny as well with anticipation as to what is to come next.

Foreplay Is A Must

Foreplay is a great way to heat up the moment for what might be coming later in the night.  Remember you want her fully relaxed and in anticipation as to what you will do next.  When it comes to anal foreplay, make sure you start with your tongue or a wet finger.  Never try and insert your penis straight into the anus as she will not be ready and the muscles are to tight.  While fingering her pussy, use your other hand and slowly finger her ass at the same time.  This duel stimulation will give many women a sensation they have never felt before and bring her to a great orgasm.  If she has no problem taking one finger, try to slowly insert another finger to help stretch the anus in preparation for anal sex.  Remember never use the same fingers that you used in her ass to finger her pussy as it can cause an infection.

Use Plenty Of Lube

When she is fully relaxed, horny from the foreplay and ready to try anal sex, their is no such thing as to much lube.  The more you have the easier it will be to penetrate.  The anus does not produce it’s own natural lubrication like the vagina does, so make sure you have plenty for the night as you may need to reapply more later on.  One rule of thumb when selecting the right lubrication is to make sure that it safe to use condoms with it.  You do not want a lubrication that can actually break down the condom and run the risk of breaking it.

Use Protection

With anal sex you will not have to worry about getting her pregnant, however the transmission of STD’s can be higher with anal sex since tearing of the anal cavity can occur easier then that of the vagina.  If you are concerned from a hygiene standpoint, you can take it a step further and use a condom on a dildo if you use that during anal foreplay or wear a latex glove if stimulating her ass with your fingers.

Go Slow

When first penetrating the anus, make sure you to go very slow.  Never just try and thrust in all the way as this can cause severe pain and discomfort to her.  Instead slowly push just the head of your penis into her ass and allow her to control the speed and depth of penetration.  If you are having a difficult time getting your head to slip in, go back to using your finger to help loosen her up some more.  She can also spread her butt cheeks and hold them apart to allow you to gain access.  By going slow you help reduce the pain factor and if she can stay relaxed it will make anal sex much more enjoyable for the both of you.

Remember anal sex is not for everyone, some men might fight it to taboo for their liking.  Women can feel the same way, be afraid of the possible pain it may cause or just had a bad experience in the past with anal sex and have no desire to try it again.  Never pressure your sex partner to have anal sex, when the time is right and the right preparations are made the moment can be very rewarding for the both of you.

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