Cuddling After Sex Why Women Want To

By | December 18, 2010

Cuddling after having sex is important to many women and should never be ignored by a man.  It is a time to relax together after having sex, hopefully the both of you were satisfied sexually and can takes these moments to spend together.  However, not all men will cuddle with a women after having sex.  They either get up to get something to eat, have a smoke or in some cases just roll over and want to go to sleep.  All of those things are common among men, just not in that order. Cuddling after sex can be done either in the spoon position, with her laying her head on your chest or your head resting on her chest.  Some may call this a sex position as well, however mostly hugging and even some kissing may go on but nothing else.

Women Want To Talk And Feel Reassured

If you have been with your partner for years or this is your first time having sex, women will want to talk after sex and want to find some reassurance that you truly care about her.  The talk could be about where the relationship is going, how was it for you, what can the both of you do differently next time or even just to say hear the words “I love you”.  Give your women the moment and pleasure of knowing you do care about her if she asks you to cuddle with her.  It will benefit the both of you and even give you time to talk about things that she really cares about and wants to know.  Talking is one of the most important things for a relationship, if you cannot be open with one another then that can be a train wreck waiting to happen.  I know you may want to get up and do something or just roll over and go to sleep, she may have other things on her mind so snuggle up with her, wrap your arms around her and enjoy the moment.

Romance and Respect

Women want respect and they deserve it, show her that you do respect her and are a romantic person by cuddling with her after sex.  Hopefully you pleased each other to a great orgasm during sex, so cuddling after sex is a way for the both of you to cool down and have a romantic moment together.  Being the guy that gets up to get dressed right after sex can be a turn off for some women or a sign you just wanted to fuck and be done with.  That can be a sign of disrespect to some women and make them feel like they are just at tool.

Waiting For Round Two

Cuddling after sex can lead to more sex for both you and her, maybe that is what she wants from you so skipping the chance to cuddle with her after sex can lead to no sex again afterwords for you.  If she was not sexually pleased the first time around, cuddle with her for a little while so you can go for round two.  Women love to kiss and touch, so after having sex this is a great time to do just that and hopefully get you ready to go again.  If you know for a fact that she would love to have sex again, this is when the both of you can introduce some oral sex into your cuddling time.  Have her help you get ready to go again by stroking you or running her mouth up and down your penis.  Touching and kissing her while she does this is a great turn on for both you and her.


If you are one of those guys that can care less about cuddling with a women after sex and all you want to do is go to sleep or get up and do something else then try cuddling with her at least once.  Give her the reassurance that you love and care for her, show her respect and snuggle with her to talk about anything.  For all you know this is a great time for the both of you to discuss your sexual fantasies or what you would want to try the next time you two have sex.  Do not look at cuddling with her as a waste of your time, unless she is the type that does not want to be touched at all after sex then you can get up as you please.  If you are unsure, simply ask her if she wants to go again in a few minutes.  It will never hurt to ask and you may be surprised with her response.  She may just be all over you, take complete control of the situation and almost force you to have sex again.

Let us know why you like to cuddle after sex and post your comments here.

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