8 Ways To Seduce Your Husband

By | November 27, 2010

Not all men will know when you are ready to have sex, some of them may need a little hint as to what is going through your mind.  Even if your boyfriend or husband knows when the time is right, the things listed here are a sure way to have some fun for the both of you.  Weather your sex life is at full speed or has hit a brick wall, use some of these tips to seduce your husband and maybe even catch him off guard.

  1. Wear Sexy Lingerie – Either put it on before he gets home from work or after the kids are asleep slip into one of your sexy lingerie outfits.  Call him into the bedroom or just walk to where he is and greet him with a big smile.  When a women dresses sexy, she not only feels sexy but to a man she is telling him she wants to be close to him.
  2. Phone or Sexy Text Messages – If he calls you during the day, let him know what you are thinking about sexually and that you cannot wait to get home.  If you text with your husband, make a game out of it during the day while at work.  This can easily be done without letting anyone else know what you are talking about.  Sexting or sending sex text messages is a great turn on for both you and your husband.  He will be thinking about what he can do to your body when he gets home for the rest of the day making for some great sex that night.  Take it even a step further and take a picture of a nude body part and send it to him letting him know what you want him to do to it.
  3. Write Him A Sex Letter – Write him a letter and leave it somewhere that he can easily find it, or just hand it to him in an envelope and say do not open this until you get to work.  The letter can describe what you want to do to him or what you want him to do to you sexually.  You can even just make the letter about a fantasy you or the both of you have just to get his mind racing for the entire day.  Men will not admit it, but they love to read these types of letters and find it as a big turn on.
  4. Give Him The Remote Control – I am not talking about the television remote, but the remote to your panties. Go out and buy a vibrating pair of panties and neither your or him will regret the decision.  Men love to feel like they are in control and some women love the feeling of being not in control.  With him controlling the speed and feeling the panties are giving off, this is a great way to seduce him while pleasuring yourself at the same time.  Either do this in the comfort of your own home or if you are real daring you can wear the panties out to dinner or a movie, slip him the remote and say it is all yours.
  5. Slip In The Shower With Him – Catch him off guard, wait a few minutes after he has already got into the shower and slip him with him.  He will not b expecting it and it will allow for the both of you to get real close while being naked and wet together.  Wash each other or take it a step further and tease him in the shower by rubbing your breasts with soap real good, backing your ass into him while washing, give him a hand job, oral sex or make him watch you play with yourself.
  6. Watch Me Masterbate – When the two of you are alone together, start to masterbate slowly and have him watch.  You can be on the couch, bent over in the kitchen or call him into the bedroom or bathroom.  Either way your man will come to life by watching the show unfold right before his very eyes.  This can be a fantasy for some men and even women, so why not live it out for the both of you and seduce him and tease him at the same time.
  7. Erotic Dancing – I know that many of you women are reading this one and thinking “yea right you are out of your mind”.  However, do not be ashamed of yourself or embarrassed as it will be a fun and sexy experience for the both of you.  Once again this can be done just about anywhere and it does not even have to be for every long.  The idea is to get his mind thinking of what he wants to do to you and your body.  Erotic dancing is a great way to get into a mans head and for some women even make their pants wet while having a little fun at the same time.  No music is needed, just a little ambition and do not be shy about it as the both of you will enjoy the experience.
  8. Be Dominate – An easy way to seduce your husband or boyfriend is to just take charge and force them.  Most, if not all men will not have a problem with this tactic and can be very erotic for the both of you.  When he gets home from work or even out of the shower just tackle him and do what you want.  Hold his hands down and tell him he is not to touch you until you say he can, tease him with kisses and by rubbing your hands all over his body.  From their his natural desire for sex should take over and you will be well on your way to an orgasm.

You can use one of the seduction tips listed above or combine them together, either way these are a great way to seduce your husband or boyfriend and add a little spice to your sex life.  If you are shy or afraid to try any of these, you shouldn’t be.  Understand your husband or boyfriend loves you for who you are and you have nothing to worry about.  If anything it will excite them and make them want you even more.  That is the point in seducing them in the first place, to make him want you just that much more.

If you have other ways you have seduced your husband or boyfriend, go ahead and list them here to share with everyone else.  We encourage you to do this so you can interact and get ideas from other people.

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