8 Female Erogenous Zones You Should Know About

By | February 26, 2013

kissing womens neckIn most cases it is every partners curious behavior  to know what turns their significant other on the most.  Where can I touch her that will increase her sexual desire for me and drive her over the edge?  Well today we will explore 8 of those erogenous zones that most women have.  Keep in mind that your woman may not like all of these, so test the waters with her and see what she likes the most and which she does not.  This way you will know where to start on her body to help heighten her sexual desire for you.  Please note this list is in no particular order and quite longer then that of the male erogenous zones.

1. Neck – With a woman’s neck sometimes you do not even need to touch it, simply breathing lightly on her neck can be enough to give her goose bumps and that tingling sensation that she will enjoy.  Move her hair to the side and slowly begin kissing her neck, working your way from under her jawbone around and up to her ear.  Grip her hair a little tight and move her head to one side so you can fully expose her neck.  You can lightly nibble and suck on her neck as well, but not to hard as it can leave marks that may not make her happy.  When done on one side, move her head the other way and repeat the same process on the other side of her neck.  If she is laying on her stomach, never ignore the back of her neck.

2. Butt – Yes man woman enjoy it when you play with their butt, some like it to go a little further then others.  If you are standing up kissing her, make an effort to not only grab her butt on both cheeks but to grip them firmly.  You can maneuver her around the room this way as well, which puts you in control which she may like even more.  You can try light smacking or spanking as she may be into this type of behavior.  Do not do it hard unless she specifically asks you to as for some women pain is not pleasurable.  You can kiss, lick and suck on her butt cheeks as you are rubbing them with your hands.  You can try and take it even further by exploring her anus with your tongue, finger, toy or penis.  Read our  anal sex preparation guide if you or your partner are interested in trying this experience.

3. Ears – You can do this while you are playing with her neck.  Lightly suck on her lobe, kiss her ears gently, but remember not to slobber all around or in her ear as that will probably turn her off.  You can also take this time to whisper words in her ear and talk dirty to her.  Dirty talk can be a great turn on for many woman, but we will discuss that another day.

4. Breasts – Everyone should know this to be an erogenous zone on a woman’s body.  You will want to run your hands around her breasts, squeezing them softly as you go around them.  Run your fingertips over her nipples, which you can lightly pinch and twist them.  Kissing and running your tongue on and around her breasts and sucking on her nipples will get her going for sure.  Remember to take your time and not rush this area as it will be fun not just for her, but you as well.

5. Feet – Many women enjoy having their feet rubbed and massaged, some like it to go a step further with licking and sucking of their toes.  You can use a lotion when massaging her foot, heal and toes which will make it easier for your hands to move around and will make it feel better for her as well.  If she likes her toes licked and sucked, make sure her feet are clean.  A lot of people have a foot fetish, so if you are one of them you are not alone in this world.

6. Lips – Kissing is one of the most common things couples do with one another and rightly fully so an erogenous zone on any woman.  Try licking her lips or take your tongue and draw an outline around her lips.  You can suck on one of her lips and even try nibbling on them, which she may like as well.  Kissing can help set the mood, be passionate and sometimes a little rough as it may turn her on even more leading to some great sex.

7. Inner Thighs – The inner thighs of a woman have a lot of nerve endings which can cause great pleasure, but also at the same time a little pain.  Shy away from biting her inner thighs as it may hurt.  Make sure you run your tongue and or hands the entire length on both of her thighs as she will enjoy the sensations that shoot through her legs and hips.  You can take the extra time and massage her legs working your way to her inner thighs to help relax her even more.

8. Vagina/Clitoris – This erogenous zone on a female is a given and everyone should know about.  You will want to use your hands and tongue to stimulate her clitoris, or use both at the same time to really send pleasure waves through her body.  Have her guide you to the spot that she enjoys most, make sure her squirming is from the pleasure she is feeling and not pain.  Do not forget about the woman’s G-spot, use your finger or set of fingers to rub the area to really get her going.  If you have a hard time finding it, have her help you locate it as it will be worth it for the both of you.  While playing with her G-spot remember to play with her clitoris at the same time as it will surely send her to an orgasm.

Well their you have the list of 8 erogenous zones on the female body you should know about.  If you have other areas on your body that you just love to have kissed, licked, rubbed, touched leave them in a comment below for our other readers to see and try for themselves.

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