6 Things To Do After Sex

By | March 25, 2013

what to do after sexYou always read and talk to your friends about what turns you on, what are the best sex positions, what your partner may or may not like, various fantasies and sexual ideas.  However, what is not talked about that often is what to do when you are done having sex with your partner.  This is an important topic to cover as it can help strengthen not just your relationship together, but your sex life as well.

1. Shower or Bath – If you both feel the need to clean up and wind down a little, taking a hot shower or laying in the bathtub together is a great thing to do after sex.  It still allows the two of you to spend quality time together, continue to touch one another as you clean yourselves and also buys the man a little time in the event you would like to go again.  Get behind her in the shower and scrub her back or get even closer and wash her front from behind, this will allow your hands to explore her body as the hot water runs down the both of you.

2. Cuddle Together – Nothing says I love you like cuddling together after a session of great sex.  Cuddling allows to remain very close to each other as you embrace each other’s body.  You can now fall asleep in each other’s arms, talk about what just happened, what you liked or did not like or what you may want to try next time or take it a step further and start with some foreplay to go again.

3. Massage – A back or even a full body massage is very relaxing after sex, as it allows you to calm down and still continue to touch or be touched.  If neither of you are tired then a full body massage is a great way to give him time to “recover” and still allow the female to stay in the mood as his hands can explore her entire body.  Start at the shoulders and work your way down, sitting on her butt can be a great position for not just the back massage but easy entry from behind when he is ready to go again.  You could even give your partner a back massage while penetrating from behind for the ultimate massage experience.

4. Touch Yourself – Most cases the man will be fully satisfied and the women will be left wanting more.  After sex is a great time to touch yourself as you are already horny and wanting more, you have the ability to have your partner watch you or better yet participate in helping touch you.  Their is nothing wrong with the female wanting to orgasm after the man has already had his turn, let your sexual guard down and start to touch yourself.  You will find it will turn the both of you on and even get him hard to continue where he had left off before.

5. Foreplay – The previous idea will hopefully lead to foreplay and pleasure.  Continue to touch, kiss, lick and fondle each other after your love making session to keep the heat going.  Go down on your man to help get ready for more or explore each other at the same time with a little 69.  You can also get out the sex toys and use them on her until you are ready.  Their is nothing wrong with pleasing her again while you wait a little while to recover, in the end she will be thanking you.

6. Have Sex Again – This is an obvious answer that everyone would easily say would be the #1 thing to do.  Problem is for some men they cannot just jump right back into action, so the previous things have been mentioned to help with the recovery time.  You can take the time to even move to another room and have sex somewhere else, the change in atmosphere.  If you have fantasies of having sex in certain places indoors (kitchen, den, patio, etc.) now would be a good time to try and fulfill them.

At the end of the day, or night, the main thing to remember is to do what will make not just you happy but your partner as well.  Being one sided with pleasure is not fair and can lead to a poor sex life for the both of you.  Start trying some of these things when you are done having sex or talk to you partner and see what they want as well.  Communication is key in any relationship and having that open communication with sex can make your sex life even better!

What do you do after having sex?

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