4 Adult Sex Games That Bring Excitement To The Night

By | November 10, 2010

adult sex dice gameIf your sex life is getting dull or if you are just looking to try something new to your already great sex life, playing sex games with your partner is a great way to add some spice to your sex life.  Keep in mind both partners (or more if you are with a group) will have to be willing to participate to make these a truly enjoyable moment.

Roll The Dice

You can order sex dice that already have what to do on each side, or you can simply create your own from normal dice.  Have you and your partner each pick out 3 things for each side of the dice.  You will want to make two categories so you can you use two dice for your game.  Example categories could be:

  1. Body position
  2. Sex location
  3. What to do
  4. What body party

Take your first dice and simply trace around the dice with a color marker so you will be able to tell the difference between the two. Then each of you write down your 3 actions that will be used on each dice.  Roll the dice and see what numbers you get, simply reference back to the sheet you and your partner made to see what you now have to do.

Strip Card Game

The most common strip card game is strip poker, but if you or your partner do not understand fully how to play poker then pick a different card game that is easy for you.  Why try and play strip poker if one of you does not understand how to play, that is just a mood killer and will make the card game that less enjoyable.  You play to win, the loser will have to lose a piece of clothing specified by them unless you place a wager before each card game.  Once all the cloths are gone from a player, you can make the wagers a sex act they will have to perform on their partner if they lose the next game.  This is simple, fun and an easy way to add some spark to your sex life.

Truth or Dare

I am sure everyone has played this game at some point in their life and the rules still apply just wither higher stakes.  All questions with revolve around sex and nothing is to be a secret.  Want to know your partners out of the world sexual fantasies, then play truth or dare to find out.  If they choose not to answer the question, they will have to perform whatever dare is presented to them.  The dares will be sexual of course, why else would you want to play this game? You can be as simple as kiss me for 30 seconds or you can go all out and dare them to do something to you that has never been done before.  You could even take it a step further and dare them to let you try something sexual on them.  This really is a win win situation as you both get to experience the fun together and possibly learn something new about your partner’s sexual desires.

Copy Cat

This game will require a television and an adult movie.  Either on DVD or ordered through pay per view where you and your partner will have to copy what is currently being done in the sex scene.  You can try this out in the bedroom, but you may find yourself making your way to the couch, kitchen, bathroom, dining room table or even outside on the porch.  If you are truly trying to copy what is being done in the movie, watch the entire scene and then take the sex to that same location. Try to remember exactly what they were doing and attempt to copy that with your partner.  You can stay in the bedroom or living room the entire time if you like, this will allow you to always be watching the movie and be able to switch what you are doing just as they are in the movie.

If you or your partner have certain restrictions like anal sex or certain positions that you are uncomfortable with, state those before starting the movie.  During any of those scenes you and your partner can continue doing what you previously were doing or simply snuggle next to each other until the scene is done or the position has been changed to something more of your liking.

No Hands!

This game can truly heighten you and your partners orgasm because during the entire time no hands are allowed to be used.  Everything is still fair game, so try your best to please your partner without the use of your hands.  The first person to use their hands will lose the game and then have to do whatever the other persons says they have to do.  This game will truly make your orgasm that much better as you have rules to follow and pleasing your partner with every body part other then your hands can truly be fun.


Sex games are not for everyone, some women and men just have no desire in playing them.  If that is the case, do not force them to play or nag them week in and week out as it can just push them away from any sexual desire with you.  Their are board games that can be purchased as well that will go into greater detail, however these games cost almost nothing and will add a new flavor to ones sex life.  If you have other sex games that you have played, please leave a comment and share with everyone else.

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