10 Things Men Do That Annoy Women

By | March 4, 2013

woman screaming at her boyfriendYes a woman can drive their man crazy at times with various things from time to time.  However, today we are focusing what what men do that annoy women the most.  Not only do some of these things annoy and drive a woman crazy, but we just do not understand why a man does some of these things to begin with.  This top 10 list does not go in any particular order, I am not going to make you wait any further so let’s get right down to business shall we.

1. Act Like a Baby When You Are Sick

As a woman you may have to take care of the kids, make sure the house is clean, do the laundry and have dinner ready all while having a pounding headache all day or even have the flu.  Their are no time outs, half days, sick days for the woman, it is business as usual as things need to be taken care.  Now when a man is sick, it is like he has just been given his death sentence.  Most men will lay down and almost die just about anywhere weather it be the bed, couch or somewhere on the floor.  Just to make sure the woman knows that the man is not feeling well, you guys will turn on the moaning and whining that makes us want to ask “are you serious?”.  Yes we know you are sick, you are not dying so suck it up like a man and get on with it.  Women have enough to do and babying and making sure you are covered up and taken care of should not always been one of them.

2. To Much Self Grooming

Yes we love a man that takes care of himself and is expected, but going above and beyond the normal is just annoying.  Your plucking your eyebrows?  Waxing all sorts of different areas on your body, are you on a swim team now?  No that spray on tan is not that sexy and why did you get both a pedicure and manicure again?  Enough is enough, a woman wants a man in the relationship to be a man and not play the female role.

3. Your Bathroom Etiquette Is Horrible

This one could probably be an entire post all by itself, so I will just highlight some of the things men do in the bathroom that really annoy a woman almost to death.

  • Leaving the toilet seat up, not flushing it or peeing on the back of it and leaving it to dry.
  • Leaving your mess all over the sink and counter after you shave.
  • Letting the toothpaste you made a mess with dry on the counter.
  • Leaving your dirty clothes all over the bathroom floor, heard of a basket?
  • Taking an hour to go #2? Are you really that full of shit?

4. Doing Very Little or No Housework At All

If you are a working female, the last thing you want to do is come home and have to clean everything up yourself.  Especially those that have kids to take care of, it makes the to-do list that much longer.  Getting help from the man with the housework is essential in keeping a woman’s sanity just a little bit longer then usual.  Simply picking up the remote from the table or moving a few pillows around on the couch to get more comfortable does not count as helping with the housework.  Take the time to do the dishes while she is doing laundry, or sweep and mop the floors as you contributed to that mess just as well as everyone else.  This shows your woman that you care about her, are willing to help her out in a time of need and can also lead to sex more often then usual.

5. Paying More Attention To Your Techno Gadgets Then Your Woman

Your smartphone, tablet, computer, iPad, XBox, Playstation or whatever other gadget you have spends more time with your hands and fingers then they do on your woman.  These things are not needed in life like companionship is to a human being.  Sitting on the couch playing a video game or playing around with your phone is not spending quality time with her, instead that shows you are in fact more interested in your gadget then you are her.

not listening 6. Not Listening When She Talks To You

This is especially true when a man and woman are having an argument.  The male tends to just not his head, say ok uh huh or just ignore her all together.  Communication is important for a relationship, without it that relationship will not go far.  Sometimes women need to vent and get things off of their chest, especially with a bad day at work or a fight with a girlfriend.  Take the time and listen to what she has to say, if it is about the relationship then it can only benefit you more.  Women do not want to be with someone who either cannot or refuses to listen to them.

7. Taking The Woman For Granted

Are you always going out with your male friends, leaving your girlfriend or wife at home alone?  Your “guy time” is more important then “her time” and you know she will be home when you get back. Does she do all of the housework while you simply sit on the couch watching TV, playing a video game or hanging out in the garage?  Taking your woman for granted is not only annoying to her, but can also leave you single in the long run.  Women need attention just as much as you do, but they want it from you and not another friend, TV show or video game.

8. Being To Nice Of A Guy

A woman wants the man to stand up for himself, show self confidence and take control at times.  Women do not want a “yes man” that will bow down to their every need and desire and always ask her if they can do something.  This is not grade school, you do not need a hall pass to go to the bathroom, take a shower or go to the store real quick.  Be a man that shows some authority as women find that sex and attractive, being to nice of a guy is annoying and in some cases and big turn off.

9. Being To Arrogant and Full Of Yourself

This is the complete opposite to #8 as men that are cocky, arrogant and full of themselves gets old FAST.  Yes having confidence in yourself is a great trait to have, but being arrogant towards a woman and always about you you you is annoying and a big turn off.  A woman needs attention and affection, not a man who only knows how to show those things to himself.  Life is not like the MTV reality TV shows, when your in your 30’s, 40’s, 50’s that crap will not fly with a real woman.

10. Having Guy Friends Around That She Does Not Like or Respect

“Hey honey Jeff is coming over to watch the game”.  That alone is enough to make her eyes roll as she knows this will be a long night.  When your woman does not like one of your friends, feels uncomfortable around them or even despises them, why torture her by having them around?  Even going out together to dinner or something makes the night harder for her as all she probably wants to do is simply go home then be around him.

So what are some of the things men do that annoy you?  Put them in the comments and let everyone else know what is on your mind. 

Coming soon will be the list of what woman do that annoy men.

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